Thursday, October 23, 2008

Today is our last day as a class.I shall post something nice(:Hahas.
The class went through many obsticles together before we are where we are today. From sec 1 till now, there are so many memories we share.
While we were in sec 1, we were like total strangers. We didnt know each other very well. I still remember the many fights we had, but in the end, everything was resolved. We use to hate each other alot in sec 1, some of us. but now, we are united as one. When our classmates were in trouble, people would help them.
This year, we progressed further. The girls were very united so were some of the boys. I still remember when the girls joined in together to cheat in our PE, that was funny. And the jokes the boys made. There were still fights, but again,was soon resolved. The time where we bully Mr Hong and other teachers, the time where we go out together, the time where we lost the class key, the time were we stayed back after school in class to play. Those timesss....
There will nvr be another 2E5 like this, this was the best year i had in my life and i hope you all too. Though there were many conflicts but we stood by each other,every 2E5.
We held on, to the last day. 23rd october 2008. I will remember this day. We wore the class tee as a class(though some did not), even Mr Hong wore it! And staying back after school for our last outing together as a class(but it did not happen eventually). The girls sat around and cried. The memeries we had together will be kept in our hearts forever.
Seperated. Some will be togther as classmates, but some will not. Without you ppl, it would not form 2E5. Thanking each and every 2E5ians.
Farah-no more teasing and drawing to look at(no offence)
Felicia- no more arguments and shoutings to be heard
Fida- no more 'shhhhh' sound
Sweet-no more rough play and fighting with the guys.hahas
Victoria-no more jokes and gatherings. No more fightings
Jolene- no organizer and someone who ask questions
Karen- no more grastric pain and teasing others
Claudia-no treasearer and funny jokes.No mature person like her
Xue Jun- One less nice mcee to host all our debates
Hwei Yee-One less person to help us in our art. No more short skirts, drawing of manga and curtain hair
Jun Wei-One genius lost and no more teasing of Zuan Cong
Maxine-No more teasing of Kristof and of her " gay " idols ( no offence )
Fatin- No more teasing of her multiple crushes, catfights, Wolfgang, Tokyo Hotel, " Dangerous " and no more nice female vice chairperson\
Indah- No more sick and funny responses and questions
Shirleen-No more lame jokes
Sandra-No more teasing of her high-pitched laughter and no more lame jokes
Sarah- One IT expert lost and no more english pro
Fina-No more teasing of " up-down-left-right", short skirts, banging of tables and yes......Super high pitched laughter and screams
Stella-One good runner and twin gone
Joanna-One drama addict gone and no more teasing of her " gay " idols ( no offence )
NOTE: Maxine and Joanna share the same ya. Hahas. Don't be offended girls!
Neville-No more talented musicians and teasing of legs ( No offence)
Kristof-No more guitarist nor teasing of Maxine ( No offence)
Yin Fai-No more unexpected scholar, one less gay partner for Qiqing, long fingernails and no more tesing of Sweet ( No offence)
Jonathan-No more bunnies...
Julius- No more small boy, witty responses to teachers and funny doodles on the whiteboard
Ming Liang-No more monks, Professor Lee, DAMM YOU and supper loud voice
Zuan Cong-No more pro badminton player and history scholar
Zheng Yang-No more goats to be locked in the classroom for exhibitions before assembly periods and teasing of his hair, especially by our beloved Mdm Fahizah.
Qiqing-No more blangahs, gay partner for Yin Fai and no one to help pull the projector screen any longer
Marcus-No more cute and funny replies, EAT MY FAECES, frequent changes of his spectacles and waterbottles and no more sandwiches!
( to be continued.. Please post too and tell us how you feel about the class )

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