Sunday, October 12, 2008

Class tee order form -Table

Please read this paper before even bothering to flip to the next page.

1. View the designs
a. Design 1 – Farah
b. Design 2 – Jun Wei
2. Choose which design you would like.
3. Decide whether you would like a Collar shirt or a collarless one (round-neck)
4. If you do not want the shirt, tick beside your index number under the “No” column.

Monday – 13th October, finalize the design, give design to shop , find out price of shirt ( should range between $15 – 18 ) , find out date of collection.

Tuesday – 14th October, final price will be announced and date where shirt will be given also be announced.

Wednesday – Friday 15th to 17th October, collection of money.
[Please give your money to Jolene by Monday, 20th October, if not a fine of 50 cents per day will be charged.]

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