Thursday, May 22, 2008

2nd last day of school

heh today school is probably the best day ever. (until now at least)
today thursday so start school late so when i reached sch see vic and fina they hiding stella's present so those 2 distract her while i smuggled the bear inside and used my bag to hide it. then they decided to go sheng siong to buy drinks for the suprise party aft sch so dragged me and wei hong along, on the way there see jwei drop off bus 282 at the bus stop so we pulled her along , went to sheng siong and before we reached there vic rush in so we all decide to pangseh her by hiding behind a wall of toilet paper then wait until sian so we walk out then vic saw , discuss some crap and ask jwei go back class to help us distract stella when we bringing drinks back.

bought 3 rasp 7-up, 2 miranda grape, 1 7-up, 1 peach,1 raspberry fruitade drink then smuggle back to class. jwei pulled stella into toilet and we rushed in and hid the drinks behind the cupboard and went for assembly as usual.

after assembly went back to class and did some clay work that some clay making woman asked us to do and then we went for recess, assembled at foyer and boarded the bus to the dragon kiln. on the way there was like total chaos cos julius and friends took the last row then sarah and friends were like "WTF JULIUS!!! OMG JULIUS!!" so on the way vic opened her bag of marshmellows so we were like WOOPEEE all take and terence action throw and eat. vic was like trying to take picture of mr hong .

reached dragon kiln , went to see the tunnel of bricks which they called " dragon kiln" (which part of it even looks like a dragon kiln la?), saw a half naked man shape a clay pot which he says is worth $20 before smashing it, and bought I-SCREAM (ice cream) and drinks.

went back after watching a video at the dragon kiln about clay (reminds me of ten thousands why [十万个为什么]) on the bus i borrowed hwei yee's psp and played djmax2 with terence so i had no idea what happened on the way back.

reach school,go class, do survey and then mr hong kpkb crap to ppl who make al0t of noise on the trip and then we all stay back for like 25 mins then all get ready for stella's bday party. somehow the girls managed to keep her out for like 45 mins before she go for council and then we all used the 1 hour to arrange the tables, buy more drinks and stuff so vic,sam and some ppl went to market to buy drinks,ice and balloons . then vic called me to call wh to go SS to buy drinks and stuff then the stupid lazy blob of fat dunwan so ask PB he wan walk front gate which takes up too much time so i climbed out from the back gate and ran to SS. Bought the drinks,balloons and unexpected party poppers. blew up the balloons in class and then awaited the time for the twin sisters to come.

when she walked in we all popped the poppers,sprayed the stringy spray and then sang the standard birthday songs. overall we did whatever we planned during the party but then not everything went well... vic halfway cry, stella suddenly run out and we had a cakefight. hong and lok came in so we served them cake , finished the cake and then ate the chocs,chips and sweets. everyone was socializing , talking, eating and playing while i sat at the teachers table and somehow felt very emo so i just sat there and play my psp.

and oddly enough we started a cake fight and water fight so the birthday girls and friend ran off dunno do what while war broke out in 2e5. and we did the impossible... WE MADE PHENGBOON WET~!! but he turned out to be very angry and ran off to dry his shirt. felt bad but i think he forgave us =x. everyone left at abt 4.50 only left me,vic,wh,clau,karen,fat,shir and boon. all went for a 2nd round of waterfight while i played psp and modified the lighters before dismantling them and trying to kill myself with kerosene. hong popped by suddenly not happy with the class so only left me and vic at tt time so we had to clean the whole mess. clean le go off then probably tts the end. imo the party could have been better if only stella&sheila could like entertain us? stella whole time smsing and sheila only talk to 2n3 ppl while they helped themself to the food and just came and go as they pleased. nvm i shall stop ranting and erm probably go dota with sam=D

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